Matthew Henderson


Born into a family of teachers, it was inevitable that Matt would eventually enter the profession. He graduated from Trent University with a major in Ancient and Modern History, as well as in English. He then went on to complete a short stint as a journalist, only to be drawn back into the education community, where he completed his masters at Canisius College in Buffalo, focusing on differentiated instruction.


Throughout this journey, Matt has developed the belief that all subjects in school do not exist separately, but are ultimately connected and need to be taught so. This is a philosophy that he strives to promote by bringing the outside world into his classroom as much as possible. Matt has been teaching grade 8 for the past three years in Brampton, Ontario. He currently resides here with his wife and two year-old son.


TEDx Talk


Doug and Matt will be focusing on The League of Regions, a year-long simulation, role-playing game, designed to promote cross-curricular thinking, real-world problem solving skills, group collaboration and independent decision making skills. The game is based around creating and maintaining a civilization that experiences real-world scenarios, with the final goal of progressing that civilization towards a developed status.


This game is intended to develop within students an understanding of the interconnected nature of each curriculum strand and apply it to a real world situation. As a result, when a student is taking part in this game, they will never ask the question, “When will I use this in the real world?” Through game play, students not only gain an understanding that content is connected, but also how the world around them functions without reading it from a book. In this game, they are the ones in control, as they set the course for their own civilization.