Jennifer Chan


Jennifer Chan is a designer, facilitator and provacateur. Jennifer is the Founder of Exhibit Change, a design-driven community engagement consultancy exploring the intersections of wicked problems and citizen designers. Through Exhibit Change, Jennifer has working experience with non-profits, charities and schools on facilitating conversations about space and culture.


Jennifer speaks at education conferences on design thinking and the importance of learning spaces to promote participation and ownership of environment. Jennifer is currently the Innovator-in-Residence at the Situation Lab at OCAD University, the design thinking advisor to a network of DTK12 educators online and lead community organizer to the first EdCamp Design Thinking, an unconference on the future of education.


Jennifer's work and research has her looking at educational design, spatial pedagogy experiential design, game theory, civic engagement; generally creating spaces for individuals to co-design experiences for public good. Jennifer has a Bachelors of Architectural Science from Ryerson University and is currently a candidate for the Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University.



The Awkwardness of Collaboration

We have all been there, at the crossroads of trying to approach the conversation of how we are going to work together, facilitate our mutual success and wanting to tie each other up with rubber bands. There is a delicate balance to strike in the zone of playing nice, giving time to build trusting relationships and navigating how much to push one another. If at the root of it all, collaboration is meant to be greater at its sum then how might we question, provoke and iterate through the process?