Schedule of Speakers
Ashley Lewis Youth in Technology
Eric Rosenberg Rosenberg Development Studio
Douglas Vallance Gordon Graydon Senior Public School
Matthew Henderson Gordon Graydon Senior Public School
Juan Gonzalez Fabspaces Digital Literacy
Kathryn Meisner Hive Toronto Mozilla
Tom Seliotis York Region District School Board
Ryan Burwell Teaching Musically
Jennifer Chan The Awkwardness of Collaboration
Zareh Demirdji The YMCA Academy
Rob Whent Founder & CEO – Thriver Inc.

Featured ideas and initiatives to be explored at Edumakers include:

  • - an all-girls technology camp;
  • - uniting schools with their surrounding communities;
  • - rethinking classrooms as coworking spaces, purpose-built for collaboration;
  • - helping students connect with career options that don’t require university or college;
  • - connecting investment to the non-financial assets of young people;
  • - high school courses in which computer games are an essential part of the learning process — and much more.

Nominate a Speaker

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Please email me with your story.

Don Adams, Curator, TEDxYMCAAcademy